I have agency experience, large-format and promotional products experience and many years of completing quality print design, web design, illustration and production jobs have taught me how to get the work done right.

  • I have been designing websites for nearly ten years and I’ve been using the Wordpress CMS for eight. I have a good understanding of UX and UI design and I’ve been building responsive websites for over five years. I also help my clients understand natural SEO and how to create effective social marketing campaigns.

    I have managed hundreds of projects being involved from concept to design, through production and finishing. I possess a high degree of technical knowledge and I’m able to troubleshoot just about any problem and resolve it quickly. I take direction and criticism well and can lead any project. I’m very comfortable with presentations and public speaking and I have excellent sales abilities. I have experience working directly with CEOs, Creative Directors, Small Business Owners, Lawyers, Vendors, Account Managers, Production Managers and busy professional musicians, so I can work effectively with anyone.