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Services Offered (click the titles below to see samples):

Creative Services are limitless; I can’t list them all here. It’s safe to say if you need it I will do it. Some ideas may be: copywriting, web content writing, press releases and media kits, logo packages, web banners, nice email newsletters, Facebook pages, illustrative logos, tee shirt and promotional product design, digital music artwork, iPhone wall papers, avatars, micro websites (for special events), event promotion and concepts, trade show displays, vehicle graphics, custom games and interactive projects, and of course–much, much more.



There are thousands of web designers out there. You can get quality, affordable web sites from many people. What I’ve noticed is that many web sites do not necessarily work for their owners. They look pretty and have cool animated-moving-thingies but do they function for the client? Not always. My approach is to develop what you need, set it up for you, show you how to use it (or train you and your employees) and follow up to make sure it continues to represent the interest of your life and business. A website should be easy to manage and I will make sure of that when we create a presence for your project.


You name it I do it: concept art, character and mascot design, cartooning, charicature, editorial illustration, web, fine art, large format, photo illustration, photo retouching and much more. Check the portfolio to see a range styles.


Design and identity (including logotypes, iconography and symbols), brand development, marketing design, developing a complete web presence, viral campaigns, email campaigns and more.


Why don’t more creative companies advertise this service? I’m not sure. Ad agencies charge millions to develop concepts for huge corporations but smaller companies with more modest budgets don’t always get the same service. Every budget should  have access to great ideas. They don’t just come from us either; I will help you develop your own ideas; don’t forget to get your family, employees and peers involved too. They have a huge interest in what you do, why not listen to them as well.